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Creativity is the ability to introduce order into the randomness of nature. - Eric Hoffer

23 Dec 2008 by Dan - No Comments

The reasoning behind this blog ranges from laziness of creating something from scratch, to a need to show a bit of creativity.

Being a web developer by day, I don’t often get looked to for design advice or inspiration. By the time I get involved in a project it’s already wrapped up in a neat little package ready for me to develop. Developing the front-end of websites gives me some control over the interaction design and small effects, but with the restrictions of standards compliant HTML and Javascript there’s little room to play. As a result, interesting ideas get put into the too-hard basket or in the too-expensive-and-out-of-scope basket.

My solution: Flash

I don’t get to do anywhere near as much Flash at work as I would like, but when I have some free time of an evening I use Flash as my creative release. Whether it’s a small little graphic experiment or a full-fledged game, I thoroughly enjoy writing code that creates something interesting on screen.

The title of this blog, Dynamically Static, refers to my love of computer generated art that is created using a series of functions and random variables. I like to dabble into the field with experiments that I’ll post here later, but I remain in awe of the amazing coding and conceptual minds of pros, including Joshua Davis and Keith Peters. I’d rate my coding skills as fairly strong but, as with many things, it’s what you do with the knowledge that makes the difference, so I’ll keep on pursuing the goal of creating something that a wide range of people consider interesting, or at least thought provoking.

I’ve got plenty of work, old and new, to post up here soon. I’ll try and filter the boring from the interesting, however, the main idea is just to get my work out there.