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What’s been happening?

27 Sep 2011 by Dan - No Comments

In a nutshell we’ve been making a big push for the mobile version of Captain Skyro.

A lot of time and effort has gone into the teampokpok blog and a sneak peek trailer of the game so be sure to check it all out.

What’s cooking?… Here’s a hint

16 Apr 2011 by Dan - No Comments

Here’s a hint on my next gaming project with a familiar character.

Skyro Cookies

Skyro Cookies Close Up

With a girlfriend who cooks and is into games, I’ve truly hit the jackpot. Thanks Sion.

Skyro reaches 1 million ad requests

25 Jan 2009 by Dan - No Comments

Well 1,000,271 to be exact. The ad requests occur once or twice while the game is loading.

What that roughly translates to is the game has been downloaded at least 500,000 times which doesn’t include multiple plays from the one download or sites that have blocked the MochiAds service.

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Captain Skyro

6 Jan 2009 by Dan - No Comments

Captain Skyro: The Cloud Climber was the first side project by Brian and myself. Once again I built the physics and game logic while Brian handled the graphics and animation.

The project was built with the MochiAds Rockstar competition in mind, and start to finish it took a little over a month. Unsure of what to make a game about, I started building a few varying game engines with no graphics, just a proof of concept. We decided upon a sling-shot interaction which we were later accused of ripping off a game called ‘Sling’ which we hadn’t heard of but was a good lesson to do some more thorough research before claiming an idea ‘original’.

With an engine decided upon we began building a story and graphics around the gameplay and were soon faced with an age old question: Ninjas or Pirates?

I soon conceded defeat and pirates won, but I guess who am I to fight with the guy doing the graphics?

Because all side work was done after hours, there were many late nights but we got it all out in time for the contest. A month later and results were in and we had won 1st place in the judges votes.

Since then, Captain Skyro has had 963,076 ad requests, with one or two ads per game download.

Check it out

Captain Skyro - Menu

Captain Skyro - Gameplay